Friday, October 13, 2006

No big deal, but why?

I was working on something at home and I had to take my accessories off ,which are mainly the engagement ring and the watch, whenI recieved a phone call from the mechanic saying that he's done, I can go and get my car back.

So, I left everything immediately, grasped my handbag and headed to the mechanic shop. A short while after I got into the taxi, I had a feeling that I forgot something, but not a very big thing like the other time :D. There was a persistent feeling that something is missing, and I couldn't figure out what is it until I looked at my hand and opened my eyes in shock, eeek, the engagement ring was not there!!

I felt bad, real bad, dunno why. For a moment, I was about to ask the driver to stop, I wanted to go back home to put my ring on. How could I forgot it, how could I go out without it?!! It felt like going out without an arm or a leg, seriously! It was like forgetting a baby at home, LOL!!

Then I thought for a moment, eno what's the big deal? I didn't mean to forget it, it was by accident. I tried to console myself, however I couldn't get rid of the guilty feeling that overwhelmed me, which until now I can find no explanation to.
I mean, come on, it's only a ring, usually my lack of concentration makes me forget more important things but it doesn't feel that baaaaad.

el mohem, I couldn't wait to get home to have my baby, I mean my ring back to its normal place, apologizing and promising not to leave it again. I stopped thinking about the weird feeling I had which i was trying vainly to find an explanation to . Certain feelings need no explanation at all...


Anonymous said...

bt3refi lesh!
el jaweb mbyen bel sora el 7elweh li 7atita...
nyelou 3alyki li m3ala2 fiki w m3al2a fi.. ;)

Ammar said...

yeah ana neyale...bas he allah ye3enha :p

eza bet3edeha o btense ya welek :@

7ebek ana (f)

Weddo said...

Sometimes you get used to certain things, so you feel awkward eza ma kanat m3k :D like my watch, I feel lost without it m3 enne I use sa3et el mobile aktar to know the time.

O kman enno it attach you to someone mohem and you feel guilty, enno zai bel mosalsalaat hai ossa kbeereh tetla3i mn doon ur ring :wa7ad be9affer:

Hehe cuteen :D

Nana said...

Nado , thank you dear :)

Ammar LOL, Allah be3een el jamee3, balweh w nbaleita what can I do :P
Love u too :$

Weddo You're right, it becomes an inseparable piece of you.
enty elle cute :$

dino$ said...

u guys r soo cute! allah ybareklkum
ba3dien i ave to forget something everytday... if not my mobile.. its something... it3awdat.... u know my mom keeps telling me im goin o forget my future kids in a supermarket ehehe

cutie inti!

Dar said...

Nah it is not a big deal , is it ! i would care less if i would have one ! I hate such stuf !

Bs that sounds romantic :)


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

don don waynik zman ma bastatii? hehe ya3ni 3milt BOSTS hehe

yala i m waitinf for u to do the tag

Nana said...

Dina LOL @ forgetting ur future kids, bta3mleeha :D
hayny I answered, sorry for being late, but as I mentioned before, I was disconnected.

Dar, why? won't u have an engagement ring on when u get engaged? :P