Sunday, October 08, 2006

A New Year Has Come

It seems that no single generation in Lebanon is spared from living and witnessing the horror of war and its consequences, and then spending their lives trying to mend the injuries and erase the traces of misery and suffering before a new war comes to emblazon them all over again.

Children, being young, inexperienced and sensitive, went more than anyone else through a very hard time. And they , more than anyone else, need the big help and support to get over what happened.

Family, experts, along with us, teachers, have a big mission this year. We'll be cooperating to help take the war out of the children.

Our mission officially starts tomorrow. By the order of the Minister of Education, schools in Lebanon start on October 9th 2006.

So, this year, is not like any other year, we'll be facing a big challenge. Our main concern will be focused on the psychological state of children at first, before we can gradually get them back to normal. Various activities will be inserted like ballet dancing, theatre, parties and others. It's gonna be mainly an "entertaining year", at least during the first months, which of course will affect the academic productivity, but this is the only way we can handle the situation.

Tomorrow the mission will start. I can't wait to see the children. I wonder how are they, who was affected the most by the war, did they change a lot, will there be any shocking surprises, what do they have to tell me about the war, I bet they have a lot of stories to share.

Anyway, let's wait and see. Wish me luck.


Dar said...

I gss there should be a long plan , that could be able to change the broken spirit of those kids and convert all the events that took place into a something that will make them stornger , this is very important ! Good luck


Weddo said...

Great thinking, wish you luck and hope what you’re planning for works just fine.

A broken spirit should be fixed as fast as possible wella btet9’a3af o betrakamo el a7asees 3ala ba3ad.

God bless you all

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Good Luck wa Allah ywaf2ik mwa :hug:

Nana said...

Dar, Weddo and Chocolatah:p thank you!

The kids are OK. Many left school, some of them for financial reasons and others left Lebanon with their parents to a more "safe" country.

In fact, I didn't see any change in them, they're all the same, I didn't see any trace of the war in them, maybe they're stronger than we thought, maybe they got over it, forgot it, or want to forget it because they are not even interested to talk about what happened.
Thank God they're OK, yet this doesn't mean that our mission is to be cancelled or neglected.

Happy love said...

glad to hear that they are all safe and doing good...
and good luck in your mission, maybe it needs time to be shown, but hope there wouldn't be any :give:

Nana said...

Jood thank u 7abeebty.
hayahon zay el 2rood ma 3ala 2albon sharr, LOL.