Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Types of "friends"

  • those who remember your existence only when they need you. At other times you are totally being ignored.
  • those who make your personal life the talk of the town.
  • those who envy you and end up hating your guts.
  • those who hate you for being honest and to the point, they don't want their wrong doings to be pointed out.
  • those who let you down from the first misunderstanding.
  • those who hurt you and expect you to get over it, as if nothing had happened.
  • and those who change friends like they change shoes, they leave you once they find new company to hang out with.
sorry about the title, these people were never friends, and will never be...


Anonymous said...

No need to passport I know for sure now ;)
But it's not the reason you think
I was really really busy,
Sorry and welcome

Nana said...

sorry for bothering u..., and thanx.
ya3teek/y el 3afyeh :)

SimSim said...

6ab mafee categories for good friends ?? :hug:

I feel down :( rasabet b emte7an el swa2a el3amalee from the first time :mob: w ba3deen ma3 halsha'3leh :( waaaaaaaaaaa3

Abed. Hamdan said...


I hate to admit that I fall into the category of those who let their friends down from the first understanding..but why ?? I have no idea!

It's hard for me to give second chances

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

omg ya nana la t7uki 3al jur7!

fe ktere min il jealous girls who cant be ur friends cause they would envy u!

nafsiyat il nas sayra zbaleh!

Allah yib3dhum 3anik wa 3ana :D


Lilly said...

aww i went through some of what you posted and it really hurts :(

musawwir said...

Do you have a friend who overlooks your faults and is always there for you no matter what? This is friendship. Everything else is just acquaintance.
If a person has no one like this then it might be that they have to look to themselves. Most people are waiting for someone to tell them that they are okay, that their existence is real. Knowing you are real inside of yourself without outside acknowledgment is superior.
Sorry for lecturing.

Nana said...

SimSim mbala, there's a category for them called SimSim (f).
yee, i'm sorry to hear that 7abebty, khair bi '3ayra inshallah.

All ppl make faults abed, u can't expect ur friend to be perfect and never make a single mistake. this is totally wrong. As we like to be forgiven, we should forgive too.

choco,ameen to that. ma3ek 7a2 7abeebty,

lilly, it does, big time :(

musawwir I can't agree more. thank u for stopping by :)

Happy love said...

always look at the brighter side,there are those who are true friends, mo kol asab3ek zay ba3ad :???:

Ola said...

sigh, I am a lousy friend :( Or at least that what seems to my friend I suppose! But it's not like I dnt care, it's just you know about going through a phase of indifference and laziness! But I do care!

You knwo I think we do our friend injustice sometimes when we think less of them for sth they did, but if we bring our cards on the table and talk heart to heart, we might avoid a lot of problems!

Nana said...

I know Jood, thank God I have a few great friends. I was talking about a few types of the so called friends.

Ola I agree with the last part :)