Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Nothing disturbed me last week more than the announcement that a parents meeting will be held on Friday. God, I hate parents meetings, they're so tiring especially when held after a long working day. Friday, however, was exceptionally exhausting because before the parents meeting, we had a party.

The kids sang, danced and jumped joyfully waiting impatiently for the arrival of Santa Clause who's going to get them Christmas gifts they were waiting for and asking about all the week. But, to our surprise, when Santa arrived they panicked! And most of the very young kids burst into tears. So the dances and songs turned into tears and shrieks at the moment they caught sight of Santa.

Ahmed, however, did not cry. But he was alert all the time; his legs were in a stand by position, ready to run for his life whenever Santa came close. I couldn't stop laughing at him, at the alert expression he had on his face, and at his stumbling by anything that came across his way as he rushed away from the man.

Duha, on the other hand, wasn't frightened at all. She was amazed and very excited by the arrival of the Ho Ho man and kept chasing him from place to place, gazing at his face, pulling his clothes and his beard, as if he was a new stunning toy she wanted to examine.

It was fun. The kids looked very cute and so adorable. One of the teachers noticed my extreme pleasure and said: "you're going to miss this, aren't you?"
-"well, yeah, of course I will, but I'll get over it soon afterwards don't worry :)"

The parents meeting -during which I contemplated about a few things I'm going to talk about soon- afterwards went smoothly. When I drove home it was dark already, and I hate to drive at night in a country where you can see the streets lights turned on during daytime only! To make things worse, it started to rain. But it wasn't that bad after all. On the contrary, driving in the rain filled me with a serene and delightful feeling. I was very tired when I arrived home, but I couldn't sleep a blink because of the many Nescafe mugs that I gulped during the day to keep myself awake and energetic.

No big deal, for I have sixteen days to rest, yaay! My vacation has started yesterday, and no I'm not going to Jordan. If the situation here was better, I would go, but I will be worried all the time if I went anywhere which will keep me from enjoying my time. Besides, Jordan is boring in winter, or at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself with. In brief, I'm staying here.
What am I going to do during these sixteen days? Well, nothing important. I will rest, sleep more, read, maybe log to the internet more, visit some friends, go out, I'll do some shopping, and some cooking (I cooked lasagna yesterday and it was terrific, yum yum), not that bad, eh?

Anyway, I'll try to have a good holiday even if I'm not traveling anywhere. I wish that you all have a very happy holiday.
God Bless you.


Weddo... said...

Yeah amman is boring hehe :P
ya3teeki el3afyeh miss Nana! el 7elo that you have a long holiday and you can enjoy your time even when doing NOTHING :P

Happy holiday dear :hug:

Rana said...

Happy holidays to everyone Nana..kol 3am w enti b alf khair..wishing u a the greatest year coming year :D
and yes boring boring boring :p
enjoy doing Nothing..i enjoy doing exactly that sometimes..w sa7tain el laZagnia dearo :hug:


abu_shakuush said...

just wanted to say happy X mas day and peace love and weed for all the people of planet earth :-)

Jad said...

happy eid, new year and happy everything to you 7ajeh

Mona said...

Merry Christmas, Happy new year, Eid Adha mubarak :)

yen3ad 3leke w 3la 7babek w s7abek bkol 5er Inshalah ;)

enjoy ur holiday!

Nana said...

Thanks all for your kind wishes (f)
I may change my mind and go to spend eid el ad7a in jordan btw :D
I'm bored already :mad:

kinzi said...

Nana, I think this is my first visit? Anyway, I wanted to return those holiday wishes...God richly bless you in the coming year!

SimSim said...

happy Holiday alllll mwaaaah

Dead Man Walking said...

LOOOOL@a7mad :-D

Nana said...

Thanx Kinzi and Simsim :)

3amoor, yeah, he's so cute, I told his mother in the parents meeting that I ADORE her son. She offered to give him to me. Let's adopt him, what do u think? :D

Dead Man Walking said...

Nannoshte...a beser...bash7ad 3aleh :p