Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Memory Loss

"He who has no memory makes one out of paper"
Love in the Time of Cholera
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I need to make one out of anything because apparently I no more have a memory! My memory is trickling away… Da Daa!!
I forget that I have to call someone, or to go somewhere, I forget where I put my stuff. I forget about very important details I'm not supposed to forget at all. I even forget that I left a note somewhere to remind me of something, and when I come across this note I realize that it's too late and I wish I saw it at the time I needed it badly.

I always forget where my cell phone is. I even forget all about it sometimes until it's time to go to bed, and I keep looking for it everywhere before I call my number and I hear it ringing in my handbag. It's been there all day long and I didn't notice. Of course I find missed calls and messages and I realize that it's too late to call back or to reply to the messages, and I pray that I remember to do that on the following day!

My friend asks me to get her something, of course I forget, I ask her to call to remind me, she forgets lol, and so forth until a miracle happens and one of us remembers.

My mom keeps lamenting that her daughter is still too young to lose her mind. I always ask her to remind me of so many things, while it's supposed to be the other way around; I'm the one who's supposed to have a better memory!

My loss of memory and lack of concentration is causing me many troubles lately. There's a serious problem that needs to be solved. I still don't know how, and what caused it, maybe I'm having my mind always occupied with so many things that I barely give it time to rest, but at least I'm not turning a deaf ear to the alarm that this problem has become too serious to ignore. Help :(


Laila said...


It seems that you may be under a lot of stress, the 'big problem needing solving' might actually be the cause of ur scatter brain. If u manage to find a plan of action for the big problem, this will help u relax, and regain ur memory.

be well!

Ola said...

B12? :D

Averroes said...

Hmm..why am I here? Hmmmmm..where am I anyway!! what are these buttons? (on the laptop)

Here's my long as you can find yr way back're ok!

Anonymous said...

They say memory lose is a sign of intelligence , or actually that's what I say to console myself , lol , I HAVE NO MEMORY , I swear , I sometimes forget what I'm talking about while am talking so I just get this clueless look on my face , about your problem , try doing what I do , I write down everything , I get a lot of idea before I sleep so I always keep a pen and a paper near my bad , on my desk , in my wallet , in my bag , everywhere I stay I have a piece of paper and a pen , and just like you my mum and dad are always making fun of me , they're in their 60s and am 18 , and they remind me of the things I'm supposed to do , lol .

Weddo... said...

Don't worry! It's a world-wide problem :P
But it takes different forms lol laish 5atar b bali el aliens

I can't help coz I myself need help, but try to concentrate more and stop thinking of whatever you're thinking of.

It's annoying, in my case; mostly annoying to others :( I no long hear what people say! I just see mouths blabbing :S eza sara7et bansa arja3 arakkez m3 el 7ada elle be7ki :P

Anonymous said...

Ya Nana,you have described me to the letter.Am glad in a way that it's a common problem.
YOUR SENTENCE:" maybe I'm having my mind always occupied with so many things that I barely give it time to rest" found the root cause for all of this.I started making a list,but ended up forgetting to check it,so now I keep it under my watch or ring or somewhere I check regularly.Am gonna tell u what's on my list today and have a laugh on my account:
*check tomatoes in the fridge
*make dessert
*look up a new recipe for spinach
*soak hair with coconut oil
*fix eyebrows (yikes)
*fix nails
*go through drawer and organize
*call Mrs.Mary jane for christmas(which I just remembered):)
*Give away books that kids don't need
and the list goes on and on...
My brain starts running like a train the minute I open my eyes at 6am. and am not always thinking for myself,it is working on behalf of my two kids and the big kid "my husband".
Writing everything down helps in making you feel more organized and calmer that will get to do all these things,it's like you are looking at your thoughts but don't loose the list. Good luck.
I will go now leave you a samll advice on your previous post.


Jad said...

you should be happy for that! believe me you don't need to remember everything

SimSim said...

we were fighting me and amjad about who will write about memory loss looool and i was going to ... i even seen doctors because of this i remember nothing and also started to take b12 vitamin because of this .... ok i should write mine soon :D

Sharifo said...

No prblema,,
1- your telephone number
2- your e-mail password
3- the names of people around you
4- an exrta phone number for emergencies
5- some Quraan and do3a2

that all you need to have it in the MEMORY AREA, exept that its not always a big deal !!
that's happen when you are so tired, have a good rest, we btes7i inshalla metzakra 7atta your birthday !!

Dead Man Walking said...

6ab do u remember that ur engaged? ;-D

Nana said...

I guess you're right. Thank you :)

does it help? I'll think about it :D

lool, compared to you, I'm doing great then :D

hehehe, so I'm not the only one? it kinda consoles me :D

lol @ u. Join the club :F

hehehe, thank you for sharing this :D, I started doing the same.

you know what? I was thinking today that forgetting has its advantages too! I forget sometimes to think about the troubles I've went through during the day, which is a good thing!

I won muahahahahaa :P <-- a wicked laugh at both you and Amjad :P
waiting to read urs :hug:

I don't really remember my passwords and my phone number, LOL.
thanx for the piece of advice :)

Dead Man Walking:
Who on earth are you?! :P

7usam said...

Same problem here
when u find the cure plz let me know

Diana said...

it really consoles me to know that I'm not the only one Husam :D
I don't think that there's any cure, khatyarna khalas :( :P

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i hear u! :*oh:
and i agree with ola, it might be lack of sufficient b12. or lack of sleep :mal5oom: or lack of concentration :double mal5oom: ok ok i shud stop :D

Diana said...

LOL. I guess it's lack of all of the above mentioned ProudPali :D

Anonymous said...