Monday, January 22, 2007

كل يوم عاشوراء وكل أرض كربلاء

ضحى: مش يا مش، خيي قاشم بدو يضرب حيدر
المش: مين حيدر؟
ضحى: هوي خيي قاشم بدو يضرب حيدر
المش: أوكي فهمت بس حيدر مين؟
!ضحى: هوي قالي إنو بدو يضرب حيدر
؟المش: يا ضحى يا حبيبتي فهمت، بس حيدر مين؟ وليش خيك بدو يضربه!
حسين(وهوي عم يضرب على راسه وعلى صدره): مس، يضرب حيدر يعني يعمل هيك بعاشورا.

!المش (حاسة بالغباء): آاااااه، أوكي
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Averroes said...

Hmm..the 5 year old kids taught the mish a!

Well..I know some people who think shee3i..and shoyoo3i are the same!

and they probably all live in KarbalaGrad!

Summer said...

My first understanding of the word "Mish" was the egyptian famous "old" food!! but then i realized it was Miss....really funny!

Jad said...

sorry but I didn't get it

Sami Majed said...

It's painful to see the Shiite acts in Ashoura! after all Ashoura (and tasoo3a for that matter) are two sacred days for all muslims (before shii and sunni thing), the prophet PBUH used to fast these two days every year!...

Mnosh said...

momken a7ke kilme?


Diana said...

yeah, ta3almo al 7ekmah min afwah al majaneen :D
leesh in what do shee3i and shoyoo3i differ? Aren't they the same? O_o
kidding, mish tsade2 :D

I think that u missed the other post about Duha, check this out.

Sami Majed:
ya3ni, their own beliefs what can we do!

Jad and Manoosh:
You don't know what Ashora is? and what the shiites do in ashora?
they byol6omo right? they hit their heads and this is called (yodrob 7aydar), and this is the first time I know that yodrob 7aydar = hit heads calling Haidar Haidar. Got it?

Mnosh said...

ana b3ref 3ashora2 w basomo kol sane, bs yod'rb 7aidar hade awl mra :$

shokrn llshare7 :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. ok :p

Still ur case is different than mine.. i cant realize how they think.. but dealing with them in a daily basis will enhance ur thoughts akeed :)

Averroes said...

Ok..History Lesson:

Shiites hit themsleves until they bleed on Ashura..Why?

Ashura is the Day Imam Hussein, Ali Bin Ali Taleb's son died..after a battle with Yazeed bin Ummaya, Yazeed ordered the head of Al Hussein, who's The prophet's grandson by the way, to be brought to him.

Shiites Weep in remorse for not being able to save Hussein..The fruit of the Noble family of the prophet, they observe this ritual annually. Through weeping, cutting themsleves..and bleeding, in a show of remorse and loyalty. another Name for Ali, they Call Ya in Ya Ali.

The End.

Diana said...

You're right I guess.

Manoosh: check Averoes reply for more details :D

thanks for explaining it for them, I noticed that most of the jordanians know a little a bout Shiites.

Averroes said...

I'm not justifying ignorence in religious history, but it's partly because Jordan has no shiites.

But that's not an excuse..if one doesn't know about should read about it..or ask..that's how one learns!

Mazboot ya Mish?

Diana said...

Exactly! :)

I actually can understand ignorance in religious history and other matters but what I cannot understand is the hatred and sectarianism that many Sunnis have towards Shiites and vice versa.

Averroes said...

That's called Manipulation of Righteousness, although many don't actually know what that means.