Sunday, February 11, 2007

Resolve it. Solve it!

Our Parents couldn’t stop it in 1975, are we going to relive it in 2007?
"You may be feeling powerless in the midst of colors and slogans, propaganda and violence. You may be sitting at home anxious about your present and fearful for your future. Perhaps you have already turned off the news. There are ALWAYS alternative and peaceful channels to turn to. As concerned citizens we reject empty promises, propaganda, subliminal calls to violence, and sectarian rhetoric. We refuse civil war. Act immediately before it is too late."
Demand Civil Solutions
How many politicians does it take to screw up a country?
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The Lebanese never seized to amaze me with their creative ways in expressing their feelings and attitudes towards the horrible political, social and economic situation in the country. I've just came across this group of unaffilated concerned Lebanese citizens who are tired of being marganalized and ignored. RESOLVE IT. SOLVE IT are calling on other concerned citizens, regardless of their political affilation, to join them in taking a stand.

"On Saturday, February 10th at 2pm, we are organizing a human chain in Beirut to publicly demand an immediate and peaceful resolution to the political deadlock. We can no longer tolerate the growing violence leaving us anxious about our present and fearful for our future. Unhappy with the reckless discourse and actions of politicians, we refuse to be led toward instability and civil war. This is the reason why we are here today. "

"We call on the politicians to sit down and resolve this crisis. Compromise is not Failure. Resolve it, Solve it CREATE A SOLUTION THERE’S NO EXCUSE Demand CIVIL solutions NOW and say NO CIVIL WAR "

I wonder whether the voices of this group or that of March 11 group and Stop Sactarianism Campaign will ever get heard or taken into consideration by the politicians and consequently help in taking the country out of this crisis. Still, no doubt that what they're doing is much better than staying silent. All respect.

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