Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lebanon's Valentine, again!

I can't on this day but relive February 14, 2005.

February 13, 2006.. just to keep us in the mood:

They insist on coloring Lebanon's Valentine in red. Apparently this is the way they celebrate it.
Have a Peaceful Valentine!


Laila said...

la 7awl allah ya rab :(

and a bus bomb today! ya3ni what is going on? is anyone claiming responsibility for these heinous acts?

I just pray that Lebanon can avoid any more bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

الله لا يعطيهم العافية :-(

Mirage said...

I don't know what can I say,
silence is ,sometimes, better than words

hope the next days Sun will rise, forever

Mnosh said...

ayam tnzeker w ma ten3ad :S

7ta yom el7oob 2alabo ham w 3'am :'(

kol 3eed 7ob w enti w 7babek b5eer Diana (L)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...


Anonymous said...

As a grandson of a lebanese man I learned to love this country although I,ve never been there. I really hope you do not dive into civil war again and you can find a peacefull solution for all you problems. I really think it starts by recognizing yourselves as lebanesse first, instead as cristians or muslins.

SimSim said...

حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

Diana said...

Ameen to all your prayers