Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When Everything Turns Out To Be Fake

She: Have you noticed how much she's been talking about her husband lately?
Me: Yeah. Aren't they cute?
She: Do you really believe her?
Me: Why shouldn't I?
She: People who tend to exaggerate and talk much about their love relationships are in fact trying to hide something.
Me: And how's that?
She: From experience, I came to believe that people who do so are actually tying to convince "themselves" and convince "others" that everything is more than OK while in reality it is not!
It's denial, an attempt to believe their own lies and live with them as if they are facts, a lame effort to hide their disappointments. They escape from reality by living in their own dreamy world.
Remember how X used to talk and talk about how kind and romantic her husband is? What happened next?
Me: (shocked) They got divorced!
She: See? and remember how Y used to pretend how happy and thankful she is for finding her soul mate? What happened shorty afterwards? They broke up!
Those who really love each other don't need to keep reminding the world of this fact.
Me: I hate how right you are!


Qwaider قويدر said...

My good friend ;-) Everyone lies...
No body really knows what's going on between two lovers.
But the fact is that they will always try to make things look greener on their side.

The Mo said...

So true!!
Really liked the conversation...
It is denial & trying to convince one's self that everything is fine while it is not, by showing to the public, things which should be kept in private!

Qabbani said...

yeah ,

it's very hard to tell what happen between Two lover or any Two couples

we like Bharat and make all story A+ and the true is hurt some times...

Rebellious Arab girl said...

I soooo agree with you about this one. I noticed it too!

O said...

Unbelievably true... It;s not only limited to relationships/marriages though... Few people admit that they 'messed up' with something, how many times did you talk to someone about their work masalan and s/he claimed (or even bragged) about how great it's going, only to find out that they had to 'resign' a few weeks later!


Oriental Arabesque said...

yes, i happens sometimes

Hala said...

True true, and if they really are happy, then they better stop advertising it balash yenter2o 3en lol :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

yes very true! if it is exxagerated then its a lie.. Love doesnt need to be spoken about.. It shows without talking.. from the eyes.. it shows all! Some people spend years in love and a lot get decieved by their fake appearances and actions or talks.. I dont really understand why they do it.. Coz they even lie to themselves that way!

very nice post :)

Anonymous said...


I never believed a couple who keeps telling how much they love eachothers.. I cant believe it is a true love actually.. because having true feelings will give you the need to remain silent :)

you dont feel that others need to know about your feelings :)