Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time to Say Goodbye

Despite being well prepared for this moment for so long, and despite waiting for this day impatiently, I couldn't but feel so sad when the time to leave my job finally came.

I wanted to leave as early as possible. I was so tired and badly in need for a rest. I needed to free myself from any duty and just relax and be able to focus on my priorities. But, after all, it wasn't that easy to leave the place where I spent three years of my life, the first place that made me experience the feeling of being productive and independent. It was hard to leave the place as well as the people with whom I spent three years, and with whom I shared lots of good and bad times.

I've learnt a lot there, went through many ups and downs, got to know many people, good people as well as weirdos. Dealing with children wasn't an easy task.. but the experience as a whole wasn't that bad.

So, Diana is no more a teacher, no one calls her miTH from now on :p . I resigned last week. didn't want to wait until the end of the month because I had many things to take care of, including which an extraction surgery for my other wisdom tooth. It's almost healed now, and I can speak again and eat real food after spending a few days eating cerelac.

I still, however, haven't said goodbye. I could barely hide my grief and keep my tears from falling while signing the resignation papers. I rushed outside the school as soon as I was done, promising to come back later to say goodbye before I leave to Jordan in a month or so.

A chapter closed, another one opened. C'est la Vie...


*!~Faith~!* said...

You're leaving teaching for good =(?

Maher said...

Saying goodbye isnt that easy..

Wisdom tooth?? does it really hurt? a friend of mine described it as the worst pain ever lol

Шαғα said...

Reading your blog , i realized how much you love teaching and dealing with your cute students , but as you said c'est la vie !

i hope the sweetest of the sweetest things will be written in the new chapter you opened :tulip:

Mnoosh said...

inshallah 7at2ole "hello" la eshi a7sn with Ammar :)

ana r7 atrek sho3'le blmktab b3ed 3 months 3shan at3lm bljam3a w mla2etha se3beh !

allah ywaf2eek :hug:

Jood said...

wish you the best in whatever you are about to do. :hug:

Diana said...

Yes *!~Faith~!*, for the time being. Unless I find the job that I want, I may go back to teaching, who knows.

It is Maher, it's one of the most disgusting and the most painful things that I've ever experienced.
El 7amdulillah I got rid of them.

I only shared the things that I loved in teaching, I didn't show the dark side :D
thanks sweets, that was kind of you.

Diana said...

thanx dear, I wish you the best of luck :)

thank you jojo, I wish you the same

and life goes on... said...

OH DEAR!!!! you just reminded me of my last day at work after three years too.. I know exactly how it feels, how bitter it is.. what a painful experience that is!

But I wish you all the best, and I strongly believe that it all happens for the best.. as harmful it might seem now, later on it will turn out to be the best choice and the wisest decision!
GOOD luck ! :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

wish you all the best in ur coming life Diana :)

inshallah better days and joys are waiting for you :)

Hala said...

Awww I wish you all the best. A chapter has ended, but another is waiting for you to fill it in :)

Diana said...

Dima, Mais and Halool
thanks girls, I appreciate your kind words and wishes.