Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Sleepless Mom

So, finally Kareem fell asleep.. and as it is the case every night, I take advantage of being alone and free at last to have some "me" time before he wakes up again. By "me" time I definitely don't mean going shopping or going out with friends or relax or watch a movie or maybe read a book or something, as I used to do before, my me time these days is no more than check mail, send a message, make a phone call, or take a quick peek at my favorite websites, not to mention enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or ice-cream or any other guilty pleasure. I actually cherish this time when I am finally all alone, when I can do what I previously mentioned without having to be in a hurry...

So, instead of heading directly to bed to get some sleep after a hectic day, I find myself seduced by a state of silence and solitude to stay awake and enjoy it as it lasts.
Every morning, when I wake up so tired and sleepy, because Kareem wakes up like every hour or two at night, I blame myself for staying awake after my baby sleeps and decide that I'll never do it again and I better have some mercy and get myself some sleep cause in my case, every minute of sleep counts! And here I am, can't overcome the temptation of having some time for myself, and can't fall asleep despite the severe sleep deprivation I am suffering from. I don't remember when was the last time I had a good night's sleep. I've been sleep deprived since I was pregnant, so it's been more than a year now.... Sometimes, I feel lucky that I still remember my own name, LOL!! Seriously, I'm losing it! Can't function or focus, can't concentrate on anything. And guess what?? I'm looking for a job! Isn't that funny! :D

I'll talk about the job thingie later, and why I am looking for a job, but now, what was I talking about?? Oh yes, the sleeplessness, I need to find a solution sooo badly. Remember when I let Kareem cry himself to sleep? I felt so guilty afterwards and decided never to do it again no matter what, and completely abandoned the whole idea of letting my baby cry it out. So I searched and searched and read so many articles about this problem until I came across this book, The No Cry Sleep Solution, read it and just started following the instructions. Now I have my fingers crossed hoping that this plan will work and I finally get some sleep and start functioning like a normal human being again, lol .


nido said...

as if you were describing me and my life style! I swear! lol, especially when you said: I should be sleeping now cuz every min. counts!
If the plan worked, please give me details! My baby is sleeping now only because I gave her tylenol, she is teething and her crying didn't stop since last night :(

All I can say -to comfort myself- is that one day she will grow up and get over this, and these will only become memories!! inshallah:)

Diana said...

and I was thinking about you Nido when I posted this :D
I have a bad news for you, according to the book, it's very difficult for a baby who associates sleeping with nursing to get over this before a couple of years maybe, so unless you act immediately and make some effort for a few weeks you will suffer for years, so the sooner you start teaching your baby to sleep by herself the better.
I sent you an online version of the book, take a look at it please, and let's start together. We'll support each other in this mission, lol
salamet 2alba Marmoora

Sam said...

aw i hope kareem starts sleeping longer hours is hard waking up so many times a night..i keep on telling myself to make myself waking up from 1-3everynigth...but it is like my body wants to practice living on less more week...we will see how this baby will be..maybe he will be like his brothers..ziad was awesome..sleeping from 10-8 from 6wks...bilal used to wakeup once about 2am and sleep to 8...they still can never sleep past 8am...weird!
inshallah the new method will work for him...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh dear God! Another reason to not get married, why the rush for goodness sake? lool.

Bless you ladies. Any babysitting needed for some "guilty pleasure time" I am an unemployed Radiographer and always aced the "patient care" section lool.

Sineh khair 3laiki Diana :)

Diana said...

I hope so Sam, and lucky you you didn't suffer from this problem!

Batoul, LOL, you know not all babies are the same, see, Sam's babies don't wake up at night like Kareem and Mariyah, Allahoma la 7asad :D maybe Nido and I spoiled our babies too much...
babysitting? Cool, ya raaaiiiit :p
teslami Tooteh, w 3laiki ya rab

Diana said...

Oh, and Sam, inshallah t2omo enti w el baby bil salameh ya rab, ma dal shi :)

Wedad said...

Allah y2awweeeki Diana... kollo fe sabeeel Kareeemo basha...

shofi howeh lazem tseri tnami lamma tnam Kareemo... 3shan se7tek bs.

Sam said...

thank u diana...:)
bas remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel inshallah..
i am still sticking to my theory
bad babies=good easy toddlers
good babies=bad horrible toddlers..
bilal is making me so stressed out..i would have rather him waking up a million times a night during his first year and..o when i watch his videos...i think no way this is the same could a great baby turn into such a terror..bas he is a still a cutie at i guess it makes it tolerable alhmadollah..

Crimson^ said...

Masha2allah allah y5aleelek eyah :) w allah ysa3dek :D

Diana said...

Weddo, tab3an kollo fi sabeel Kareem afandi :D but I have to teach him to soothe himself to sleep, sar zalameh mish ma32ool ydal mettekel 3lyee :D

Sam: so this is your theory? 3am 2ool I've never heard or read about it before :D . You know, Kareem is not a bad baby, really, he's a good baby except for a couple of things m'3alebni fehon :D

Crimson: thank you for this da3wa, I so need it :D

Wedad said...

3aalaiki bel panadol night :P :P

Madiha Seher said...

How cute!!:)
Enjoy all this, honestly. to me it sounds so immensly sweet that even when I was reading your post I started having baby fever- maybe should get married soon, lol. :))

good luck, and my love to Cream!:))hehe.

Diana said...

Weddo: that would be mean :D

Madiha: thank you :) yes you should! yalla go ahead hehe
LOL at Cream! :D