Sunday, June 17, 2007

Be Thankful

Our teacher asked us once: “why do we usually laugh heartily when someone stumbles and falls to the ground?” .
“Because such scenes are funny.” Most of us answered.
“No, this is not the real reason” the teacher replied. “The scene might be more tragic than funny, still we laugh”. “Other people’s misfortunes trigger a spontaneous reaction (which is laughing here) that springs from a deep feeling of being glad and grateful for not being the ones who underwent these misfortunes.”
Makes sense!

When I come to think about it, I realize that no matter how awful bad news (disasters, wars, miseries and the like) make us feel, they still have some positive impact on us. People's misfortunes serve as a reminder to count our blessings and to always be thankful… a reminder that no matter how terrible we might feel and how bad the conditions we live in might be, there are still people out there who feel way much worse and those who are living in appalling conditions that are beyond our ability to endure. So, among all the mixed feelings of melancholy, horror, disappointment, and despair that bad events rouse in us, there is a feeling of satisfaction that somehow makes us feel better.

It's like: الي بشوف مصيبة غيره بتهون عليه مصيبته

How often do we hear remarks like: " and I think that I am fat! Look at that woman!" , "I shouldn't have been complaining, I'm living in heaven compared to him.", "my husband is an angel compared to hers."

It's weird how we only appreciate the blessings that we have only when we see other people's miseries. We try to put an end to our greed and feel contented only when we see other people suffer. Always be thankful people.


Ola said...

It's just natural, dabe7tna el comparison! If we can just programme our minds as to have an abundance mentality, meaning that there's much out there for everyone, if people are happy it doens't make me nay less happy, and if they are not, it doesn't add to my happineess!

Hani said...

What a nice post :)

But I think when we usually go through a real bad experience, at a certain time after, we look back and laugh at ourselves, right?! It is always about the experience and the fight we take to go through difficult times what matters

Oriental Arabesque said...

nicely and wisely said..thank you :)

Mnoosh said...

al7mdollah 3la kol she2 :)

ahm she elqana3a bl7ayah, bt3esh mabsoo6 w merta7 :)

Diana said...

so true.

indeed. We may laugh at ourselves, maybe bcuz we feel glad that difficult times are over.
Thanx for stopping by :)


well said
القناعة كنز لا يفنى

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

kalamek jawaher :)

3an jad al hamdullilah there is always someone worse than us out there.. and even when we are the worst possible state out there we should also be thankful because it is what God wants and God knows what is best... al hamdulilah 3al kol ishi... wa 3ala even the blessing of the ability to nu7modo.. when some have lost the ability to speak.. or have lost touch of the many blessing they have... :)

Hala said...

Great post, and I absolutely agree with you :)

Шαғα said...

So Very True, got nothing more to add!

wisely said Diana :flower:

sharifo said...

7elo el kalam...
sa7 el kalalm...
Inshalla kheir again !!

sharifo said...

7elo el kalam...
sa7 el kalalm...
Inshalla kheir again !!

Diana said...

Dina: yeslam temmek

Hala, Wafaa, and Sharifo, thank you guys :o)